Confidential and Secure

TFS Hub is the secure way to send and receive files with TFS Chartered Accountants.  From your web browser or mobile device  

Don't send confidential information by email

Email is not secure.  Hackers love email because it's so easy to crack and it chock full of valuable information that can be used to steal your identity.   TFS is serious about safeguarding your data.  That's why we've created TFS Hub.  Instead of sending confidential financial data by email, we securely share it with you directly from our servers in Wellington.  We don't send it through 3rd party cloud providers.

TFS Servers

TFS owns and maintains it's dedicated servers in a secure data centre in Wellington.  When you connect to TFS Hub, you're connected directly to TFS.  We never store your data on 3rd party servers.

SSL Encryption

Your connection to the TFS Hub is secured with 128-Bit SSL encryption.  This helps prevent cyber-criminals from eavesdropping on your confidential data as it passes through the internet.

Mobile or Computer

Login to TFS Hub from any web browser or use our convenient mobile apps for Android or iOS devices.

Request Help with TFS Hub

Need help with your TFS Hub account, please phone us on 0800 837 000 or fill the form below and we'll contact you.